The NAPT Intra Wizard allows you to plan, manage and report on your internal Intralaboratory Comparisons (Intra).

Launch Wizard

  1. Login to the Customer Portal
  2. Select Intra from the top menu.  On the left menu, the Intra Manager is broken into three sections.

    Pending Development: These are Intras that have been purchased and are ready to be started.

    In-Progress: These are Intras that are currently In-Progress. This would include waiting to set participant schedule, submit data, run analysis or run reports.

    Completed Intras: These are Intras that are complete. You can run reports, but no other action can be taken.

  3. Click on an Intra in the Pending Development to get started.

Step 1 - Choose Intra Type

The first step is to choose if you want to start a new Intra or repeat an existing Intra.

Step 2 - Verify You Are Ready

Get ready to complete the setup of your Intra.  Before you start, make sure to have the following items ready:

  • What you would like to name your Intra
  • Kit & Artifact details.  You should have the Model and Serial Number of each artifact.  In addition, you need to know your measured values.
  • Who will participate in your Intra.  You need at least three people.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have these items ready, do not start your Intra.

When you are ready, click Next.

Step 3 - Setup Intra

On the first step of the Intra, submit the required fields to continue the process.  Some fields are optional and those are marked as such.  The following fields are mandatory and have important considerations.

Intra Name - The name used throughout the Intra Creation Process

Intra Description - This description appears on your printed reports

ISO 17043 Compliant - If you select Yes, please note you need to complete the entire ISO Process before you can issue reports

Coordinator - Who designed the Intra

Algorithm - When we determine your Reference Value and Reference Uncertainty, which mathematical calculation should be used based on ISO 17043

Outlier Method - When determining what values are an outlier, which method should be used

Kit Name - This is the name of your kit.  In the next step, you will add the artifacts that make up your kit

Step 4 - Add Artifacts

In this step, you will add the artifacts that make up your kit.  This is the equipment used to take the measurements.  You need at least one artifact to continue.  You can have a maximum of three.

Enter the Manufacturer, Model Number and Serial Number for each artifact.

Step 5 - Add Measured Values

In this step, you enter the Measured Values (Set Points) that will be used within the Intra.  These are the testing points your participants will report on.  

You must enter at a minimum one Measured Value.  You can enter up to fifteen.

All fields are required.

OrderThe order in which the Measured Value (MV) will appear.
DisciplineThe related Discipline of the MV
Nominal ValueThe default / expected value of the MV
DescriptionAdditional details about the MV
ResolutionThe resolution is the number of 0's right of the decimal point.  For example:

0.01 would have a resolution of 2
0.0001 would have a resolution of 4 
Unit of MeasureThe unit of the MV

NOTE: If the Unit of Measurement (UoM) does not exist that you need to use.  Pick ANY other Unit of Measurement and contact NAPT Support.  We can add the UoM and update your measured values.

When complete, click next. 

Step 6: Participants

In this step, you will define who the participants of your Intra will be.  You need a minimum of three (3) participants in order to complete an Intra.  There are two options by which to add a participant.

Option 1: The user is already defined in your organization.  Use the Drop Down to select the Participant and choose the Add button to the right.

Option 2: Add a new participant using the fields available.  When you have entered the information, select Add Participant.

Step 7: Complete

Done: Congrats.  You have setup your Intra and you are now ready to schedule and submit data.