Setting a schedule for your Intra is critical to ensure all participants complete their submission in a timely manner.

Steps to Complete

  1. Login to the Customer Portal
  2. Using the top menu, navigate to Intra
    Under the In-Progress Intra, select the Intra you wish to Manage.
  3. From the Participants table, select the Participant's name you wish to schedule.  In the example below, currently no one is scheduled.
  4. On the Resulting page, you can set the Scheduled Date for the Participant to complete the Intra.

    Changes are saved immediately and can be seen by a green box.

    NOTE: From this page, you may also delete a participant from the Intra.  Once you have submitted data, you may not delete a participant.
  5. Once you close the Manage Participant window, you will see the participant is now scheduled.

  6. Repeat this task until all participants are scheduled.