To submit data on behalf of users in an Intra, use the following steps.

Steps to Complete

  1. Login to the Customer Portal
  2. Navigate in the side bar to Intra
    Under the In-Progress Intra, select the Intra you wish to Manage.
  3. From the Participants table, select the Participants name for which you wish to submit data.

    From the Participant table, select the Submit Results option.
  4. On the resulting page enter the date the ILC-PT was performed and the date the data was entered.  It will default to today's date.

    In the grid, click in the row under Measured Value and Uncertainty and enter the ILC-PT Submission Results. These can be seen in the below picture in Red.

    Repeat this for every Measured Value that was tested.

    Once complete, click the SAVE CHANGES button in the blue box.
  5. When submitted, you will see a page that allows you to save or print the results.

Repeat this task for each participant.  When you have submitted data, you will see the Participant will change their status from On-Site to Completed.