The NAPT Intra allows you to set reference values via ISO 13528 or Manually. This document walks through the ISO 13528 assignment process.

Steps to Complete

  1. Login to the Customer Portal
  2. Using the top menu, select Intra
    Under the In-Progress Intra, select the Intra you wish to Manage.
  3. Click on the Data Analysis Tab
  4. Select the ISO 13528 Tab

    NOTE: You must have a minimum of three (3) participants who have submitted data in order to run analysis.

  5. Choose the Run All Analysis button.  This will automatically run analysis, based on ISO 13528 for all participants based on the Algorithm and Outlier Method chosen during the Intra Setup.
  6. When the analysis is completed, you will be given a summary page where you can either Accept the values or cancel.
  7. Once you have saved the results, the table at the bottom of the page will update to display your saved results.