• Coordinator defines the name of the Kit and associates Artifacts to the Kit. Coordinator can enter up to 3 (three) Artifacts in the Kit, including Manufacturer, Model Number and Serial number.

  • Coordinator defines the measured values for the kit and must have at least 1 (one) Measured Value and can have up to 15 (fifteen) Measured Values assigned to the Kit.

  • Coordinator defines who the participants are and sets the schedule for participation. There is a participation minimum of at least 3 (three) technicians, and the NAPT Intra Wizard will allow up to 10 (ten) technicians to participate.

  • Coordinator determines who will enter data: the coordinator may enter all data or may elect to allow participants to enter their own data. Participants will need to have an account in the NAPT Customer Portal in order to enter their own data.

  • If the organization conducting the internal ILC elects to create an intra-ILC/PT in compliance with ISO 17043, the coordinator will need to create/edit the scheme fields in the Intra Manager. The Intra ILC/PT Online Application allows you to describe the Scheme in detail to meet the requirements of ISO 17043.

  • As data is submitted, the coordinator of the internal ILC needs to ensure all fields within the Data Entry page are filled out in their entirety, including technician details, performed date, and entered date.

NOTE: All measured values and uncertainty values that are submitted need to be reviewed by the coordinator for accuracy and to identify any potential errors prior to performing statistical analysis on the data submittals in the application.