• NAPT Staff are also able to assist in developing and managing a custom intralaboratory comparison. When assistance is required, NAPT will need the following information before beginning development: 
    • Copy of your Current Test Report/Calibration Certificate for the type of intra-ILC/PT you want developed (what you would normally provide to a customer).
    • Uncertainty budget and uncertainty procedure followed for the results reported on your calibration certificate or test report. 
    • Procedure Identification - If you did not utilize an industry standard practice (e.g., ASTM, ANSI Standard, NAVAIR, T.O., TB) please provide a brief description of the measurement procedure used to perform the ILC/PT.
    • Identify up to 10 measurement values to be recorded for this intra-ILC/PT development. Alternatively, you may provide a data reporting sheet showing the measured values to be recorded.
  • Participant documents can be submitted by email to napt@proficiency.org or via the NAPT Customer Portal.
  • Hard copies of Calibration Reports, Uncertainty & Procedure information can be mailed to NAPT at 4445 West 77th Street, Suite 212, Edina, MN 55435. 

Note: All information submitted to NAPT is kept strictly confidential and anonymous.