The following lists all major changes to the QMS Navigator, Accreditation Manager and Customer Portal for NAPT.  Where possible, the associated help document is also linked.

April 21, 2022:

  • QMS: Introduced ability to export data
  • QMS: Add service providers to security features

April 11, 2022:

  • Customer Portal: Added ability to submit wishlist items to NAPT
  • QMS: Added the ability to manage and assign items to sites.  In the future, security permissions will be available at the site level.

March 30, 2022:

  • QMS: Created new "default language" option for CAR / PAR / OFI under settings.

March 12, 2022:

  • QMS: Added new Asset Management module

February 13, 2022

  • QMS: Change severity on CAR / PAR / OFI into dynamic fields

January 29, 2022:

  • QMS: Introduced Leads, Users and Participants
  • QMS: When updating documents, all individuals on the stakeholders' tab will be emailed about the change
  • QMS: Service providers can now have reviews assigned
  • QMS: Audit Changes
    • Introduced phases to audits including Planning, Schedule, and Conduct phases
    • New Audit Reports
    • Ability to attach Audits to a CAR/PAR/OFI
  • QMS: Training Changes
    • Ability to assign training to multiple individuals
    • Introduction of Goals
    • Introduction of Exams
    • UI changes to make it easier complete training
    • Ability to attach attachments to the user and the training record

December 14:

  • QMS: Added new search bar in navigation to search for tags across the entire platform

December 3:

  • QMS: New UI for Pending Actions.  Includes the addition of:
    • Following a Pending Action
    • Setting a Pending Action to confidential
    • Notifications through the app

November 19:

  • QMS: Changed Pending Action "notes" to conversations for more engagement.

November 15:

  • QMS: Updated Launcher to include new left hand menu navigation.  Settings, Profile and Logout are now under the right user menu.

November 12:

  • QMS: Pending Action UI updated with new system to tag a pending action, mark as complete and flag as important

November 9:

  • QMS: Added ability to redirect URL login.  Useful for when sending pending action links and the user clicking on them is not yet logged in.
  • QMS: Fixed various bugs related to the "fly out" window

October 21:

  • Customer Portal: Updated Intra wizard to support the ability to resume the setup of your intra

October 11:

  • Customer Portal: Updated side menu to make ordering new NAPT Sponsored ILC and Intra easier to find

August 11:

  • QMS: Added Service Providers to Accreditation Manager

June 29:

  • QMS: New Launcher Page with Increased Performance
  • QMS: Application uses a single URL
  • QMS: Move away from browser cookies

May 3:

  • QMS: Added ability to run PT Plan Reports from Accreditation Manager.

April 28:

  • QMS & Customer Portal: Resolved bug that would not save the Discipline of a PT Plan Entry.

April 19:

  • QMS: Updated UI on side navigation for easier navigation and accessibility
  • QMS: Updated Audit Module
    • Will now display a count of how many Pending Actions are Open and Closed
    • When viewing the Audit Sections, an icon will now display to indicate that Pending Actions were created under this section.

April 17:

  • QMS: Manage PT Plans from the Accreditation Manager.  For organizations that use the Customer Portal and QMS Accreditation Manager - you can now manage all your organizations PT Plans from a single place.

April 3:

  • QMS: Meetings.  Added ability to assign tags to Meetings.

March 22

  • QMS: Corrective Actions. 
    • Added ability to assign tags to a Corrective Action
    • Added default text when creating a new Corrective Action
    • Added new Follow-Up Tab for corrective actions
    • Fixed bug on numbering of CARs
  • QMS: Audit
    • Fixed bug that prevented tags from refreshing

March 13:

  • Customer Portal: Replacement of the existing PT Plan with a new, easier to use, option for managing PT Plans at the customer level.  For details on how to create a new PT Plan, follow these steps.

February 28:

  • Customer Portal: Added ability to for customers to request and order an Intra directly from the Customer Portal.

February 25:

  • Customer Portal: When submitting data, a new validation page, will appear to ensure the customer has entered the correct data.

February 23, 2021:

  • Customer Portal: Manage your Intras directly from the Customer Portal.  NAPT now offers both a self-guided wizard option and a NAPT Managed option.