Management of the different types of accounts are critical for Accreditation Manager.  There are three different account types:

Leads: A lead has the ability to manage all aspects or assigned aspects of Accreditation Manager.  For example, a Lead might conduct audits, manage corrective actions, modify and maintain documents and more.

Users: A user has the ability to be assigned training and pending actions and login to manage those roles.  A user cannot view, modify or interact with Audits, Corrective Actions, Document Management, Service Providers and Meetings within Accreditation Manager.

Participants: A participant is a named account that can be assigned as a participant for the purposes of audits.  They have no ability to login to Accreditation Manager.


  • The number of Leads and Users you can created is based on the number of licenses of Accreditation Manager you own.

  • You can create an unlimited number of Participants.