An organization can create a proficiency testing plan in their NAPT Customer Portal. Upon request, NAPT staff will assist in development of a proficiency testing plan. This activity is a collaboration between the requesting organization and NAPT staff. This activity is usually accomplished using the tools in the portal and through a review of the scope of accreditation. After a proposed plan has been drafted, it is the responsibility of the organization to approve and inform NAPT of any enrollments they wish to sign up for. Organizations use this free tool to develop a plan to meet their needs, whether it be enrollments in Full-Service kits or use of NAPT Intra Wizard. The responsibility goes to the organization, who owns the proposed plan, to take appropriate steps for enrollment and/or other steps in complying with their plan. If an organization wishes to have a plan adhered to directly, that organization will have to inform NAPT and make it known to follow the plan created in their customer portal.