NAPT Intra Manager, AKA Intra Wizard, is our latest online application that was designed for additional & specialized proficiency testing methods. NAPT designed and built this service especially for organizations like yours, that have specialized testing & requirements that cannot be met by proficiency testing providers.


NAPT offers two different tiers for utilizing the Intra Manager: NAPT Assisted & Self-Managed. 


When selecting a NAPT Assisted, NAPT staff will collaborate with you in the design and development of your custom Intralaboratory Comparison. This is a service that numerous organizations across the world take part in for those disciplines that a PT provider either currently does not have in circulation, or simply cannot offer.


If you choose to use the Self-Managed method, you work directly within your own organization to complete the testing from start to finish. NAPT offers an online help desk to help guide you through the process.


The NAPT Intra Wizard is the online tool where participants can manage all their own Intra ILC/PT enrollments. This allows you to manage any past, current, or future ILC/PT projects all from the NAPT Customer Portal.

The other option would be for NAPT to acquire an artifact and design a kit to meet your needs. This may take a longer period of time compared to an Intra.