When your ILC-PT is in the ILC-PT Shipped status, your ILC-PT is out for delivery and expected to arrive to your site soon.  

From the In-Progress ILC-PT view, you will see:

Click on the blue link in the grid.  In the above example, SCALE-316.

On the resulting form, you can see the inbound tracking ID Number.  Additionally, you can indicate when the ILC-PT has arrived at your site.  Our receiving form has been simplified.  All you need to do is indicate the status of the Artifact and Kit.  If the item is damaged or missing parts, there is a form which you can fill out which will go directly to NAPT.

In the above example, you can see we used the fake tracking information of aaaaa.  In your case, we would have the actual inbound tracking details.

When you mark the Artifact as arrived, the status of your ILC-PT will be changed from On Site - In Transit to On Site.  This allows you, as the customer, to immediately start entering data for your ILC-PT.

NOTE: ILC-PT can be marked as Arrived by an Account Admin, Quality Manager or if the ILC-PT is assigned directly to the logged in technician.