When your ILC-PT is in the Submit Results status, NAPT staff is waiting for you to submit your data and associated shipping information.

Click on the blue link in the grid.  In the above example, SCALE-316.

STEP #1: Add Performance Information

On the resulting form, add the performed date, who performed the ILC-PT and any submission notes.  If the person is not listed, selected technician not selected and enter the information into the submission notes.

STEP #2: Enter Your Data

On the resulting form, enter your submission data.  If you did not perform a test for a specific measured value, leave it blank.

When you click Review and Confirm Data, you will see a page to validate your selection.

STEP #3: Upload Supporting Documents

If there are specific documents you need NAPT to review or see as part of your submission, upload them now.  This step is optional.

STEP #4: Shipping Information

Enter the shipping information for the kit being shipped to a new location.  NAPT highly recommends you upload photos before you ship the kit.

NOTE: ILC-PT can be marked as Arrived by an Account Admin, Quality Manager or if the ILC-PT is assigned directly to the logged in technician.