Your PT Plan is your organization plan for how to test and validate a particular measurement process.  Now that you have created your PT Plan you want to be able to monitor the results, see which PT Plan Requirements have been ordered and more.

When you add a requirement to your PT Plan you have an option to order and track your enrollment directly from the PT Plan.

Steps to Complete

  1. Login to the Customer Portal and click on PT Plan from the top navigation.
  2. View your PT Plan.  In the PT Status column, if you have not yet ordered (or linked an existing) ILC-PT to this plan item, you will have the option to Order / Link ILC to this requirement.

  3. For the ILC-PT you wish to Order or Link, click the link.
  4. On the resulting page, you will be asked to Order a New ILC-PT or Link an Existing ILC-PT.  Choose the option that fits your scenario.

Ordering New ILC-PT

  1. If you select the Order ILC-PT Now option, your next screen will ask you how many Technicians and when you would like to start this ILC-PT.  It's important to remember that the Request Start Date is tentative until NAPT confirms with you the schedule.
  2. Once you have ordered the ILC-PT, you will see that the item is marked as Ordered in the list.

Linking an Existing ILC-PT to the Requirement

  1. If you have already ordered the ILC-PT and wish to link the requirement to the PT Plan Item.  Start by clicking on the Provider.
  2. Click on the Associated ILC-PTs tab and from the drop down, select the ILC-PT which is associated with this PT Plan Requirement
  3. Once you have linked the ILC-PT to the PT Plan Requirement, the item will be marked as ordered.